HVAC Cleaning

Dr Carpet offers HVAC Cleaning services to help you have a clean and fresh air to live
from home or workplace. Indoor air can bring higher pollution and contamination
than outdoor air, which is why it’s very important to keep your indoor air clean.
Poor ventilation can bring polluted air, dust, dander, chemicals and other allergens
which can be trapped and recirculated inside your home or office. It can bring
potential health effects to you and the people around you. Always remember that
we spend more time indoors than outdoors, so you’ll definitely need a fresh air to
breath inside your place.

Dust, pollens and household chemicals brings unhealthy effects to your body and
people you love. The best thing to do is minimize your exposure with these
unhealthy airborne pollutants by keeping your heating and cooling system

Heating & Cooling System

Improve your air quality by keeping your heating and cooling system clean inside
your home or office. All the air shall pass inside your heating & cooling system. In
order to keep your air fresh, you need to regularly clean or change your filter to
reduce the air pollutants to get throughout your place. Atleast every 2 months.
Over time your heating & cooling system will build up dust, dirt and contaminants.
These particles will recirculate throughout your place which may bring health
problems in the future.

How clean is your air duct? Check your air duct by removing the vent to see if you
need HVAC cleaning. When your air duct is covered with dust, then you definitely
need an expert to clean it.

Air Duct Cleaning Services

Dr Carpet has professional cleaners that has knowledge, skills, techniques and
certification needed to perform air duct cleaning services. We guarantee that you’ll
have air duct specialist to take care of your air duct and keep you have clean air to