Dryer Vent Cleaning & Air Duct Cleaning Anaheim, CA

We are proud to serve our air duct cleaning in Anaheim, CA. Anaheim, being a fast growing city, is in constant need for air duct cleaning for many reasons. Some of which we will elaborate on here. However, it is important for us that you read this article and have a better idea in regards to your air ducts in the house, whether they need a cleaning.

Both the furnace and the A/C in your home are connected to a central duct system that spreads the hot/cold air around your home. In many of the homes in Anaheim you can find the duct system in your attic. Moreover, in some cases, where the house was built prior to 1980’s, it is very common to find asbestos as well. Therefore, for that you will need an abatement company to remove the asbestos and insulate your attic properly. But now its time to get back to our main topic, air duct cleaning in Anaheim.

Air Duct Cleaning In Anaheim Due To Near By Construction Zone.

When you have construction zones around your home that means higher levels of dust. When work is being done, and digging in the ground, or cutting stone and rock, higher level of dust is found in the air. Therefore, homes that are located near construction zones are more prone to get dirty faster. Therefore, air duct cleaning service is a great solution for the ongoing upkeep with your home’s cleanliness.

Not only you will breathe cleaner air, but also your entire home will have less dust being spread around. High levels of dust will cause your floors and furniture to get dirtier much faster as well. Therefore, you will also need carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning to remove the stubborn dirt off your carpet or upholstery.

Air Duct Cleaning In Anaheim For The Older Homes.

As we elaborated about it earlier in this article, older homes have higher needs for air duct cleaning. Many of the homes in Anaheim are build in the 1970’s. Therefore, in many homes when we inspect the duct system, we find asbestos in the attic. That leads us to help the customer schedule an abatement company to do a proper removal of the asbestos.

Also, if your home is older, then quite often you will find lack of insulation in your attic and on your ducting. Air duct system that is not properly insulated will results in much less effective heating and cooling. That will obviously lead to high electric bills as your HVAC unit will work much harder to reach any desired temprature.

Disconncted Air Ducts.

Yet another issue with older air duct systems is the condition they are in after so many years. We find many homes with torn ducts and holes that were created over the years. Some of the holes due to pesticides, and some due to normal ware of the material. Therefore, when your air ducts have holes, the heating and cooling will not work effectively.

In addition, when you have holes in your air duct system, it is very likely that many pesticides will penetrate your air ducts and potentially contaminate it. We have found dead rats, birds and bugs in ducts over the years. Please make sure yours is safe and sound.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Anaheim.

Dryer vent cleaning Anaheim has an immediate connection to air duct cleaning. Typically, when we see a home that did not recieve the proper maintenance over the years, we find that work is needed on several levels. One of the most improtant services to any home is a dryer vent cleaning service. When your dryer vent is clogged, it means your dryer can not dry the cloths properly. In addition, it also means that the lint stuck in the dryer vent could easily set up on fire with the heat generated by your dryer. Therefore, for a cleaner and safer environment in your home, call us for dryer vent cleaning in Anaheim today.

Same Day Dryer Vent Cleaning Anaheim

Also, due to the high level of risk with clogged dryer vents, we offer same day dryer vent cleaning in Anaheim, California. Typically when you realize that you need your dryer vent cleaned, its when your dryer is not drying anymore. Therefore, you will be stuck with loads of laundry to wash and no way to dry the clothes. Therefore, our same day dryer vent cleaning in Anaheim, will remove and clean the lint build up and offer a complete dryer duct cleaning.

Multiple Blockage In Your Dryer Vent Needs An Emergency Dryer Vent Cleaning Service.

Over the years we have realized that dryer vent cleaning and air duct cleaning gets neglected more than carpet cleaning. The reason for it might be the fact that we can not see anything occurring inside our air ducts and dryer vents. Therefore, we are not as worried about clearing and cleaning our ducts. However, in most homes that we are called for a dryer vent cleaning due to a blockage, we find it more sever than the customers had thought. In some cases we are able to remove several dense piles of lint and hair (mainly women hair). Therefore, with time you can have a few areas in your dryer vent that will not allow hot air to blow out. Therefore, you will have higher risk of accumulated heat and fire. In addition, of course your dryer will not work efficiently and the fuses may go out.

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