Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vent can be clogged with dust over time. It can cause your dryer to produce
too much heat, lesser drying experience and may lead to house fires, which is why
it’s essential to get your dryer vent cleaned from time to time.
There are proper methods used to clean your dryer vent from brushing inside your
dryer duct, removing the dust filter, using vacuum and etc. Dr Carpet has expert
cleaners who can take care of all the hassle and has the right equipment to clean
your dryer duct properly.

Benefits Of Clean Dryer Vent:

  1. Efficient Drying Experience – a clean dryer duct can make your drying experience
  2. Low Energy Cost – efficient drying can help you have lower energy consumption.
  3. Reduce Risk Of House Fires – one of the causes of house fires starts from the heat
    that your equipment may produce in your home. Keeping your dryer vent clean
    makes your dryer cooler and reduce the risk of house fires. Make your family safe
    from harm.
  4. Longer Life For Your Dryer – too much heat can cause your dryer to malfunction or
    overheat. Increase longer use of your dryer with your clean dryer duct.
    Dr Carpet offers professional dryer duct cleaners to help you save from all the risks of
    dirt and polluted particles that can get stuck in your dryer vent. Hire a professional to
    do the job for you and keep your dryer clean from all the dust that can clog your
    All of our dryer vent cleaners are equipped with knowledge, skills and knows what to
    do for your dryer duct. Let the experts do the job, hire your dryer duct cleaner from
    Dr Carpet today.
    We guarantee high quality, fast and reliable service for dryer duct cleaning. We are
    the no.1 dryer duct cleaner in Orange County. Call us now
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